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I was at my LGS and noticed this older rifle. Picked it up and it was a 1905 35SL, made in 1906. I have never seen one of these before and really the caliber will be hard to find and I will probably have to load for it. But it will be shot very seldom. For it's age it was in really good shape, and rifling was still very good and no pitting in barrel. Really a nice older rifle. They had a price of $525 on it and that's what I will get it for out the door after taxes. Right now it is on layaway. I took a chance on the rifle being it was a Winchester. I did google it and found out some information on it, but I want to learn more about this rifle.

Can anyone tell me a story about this model. I know it was made between 1905 thru 1920. 30,000 were made during that time. But that is all I know so far about it. It shoots the pistol caliber 35LS, whatever that round is ?

Thanks for any info on this rifle.

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