Questions.Looking at purchasing a 101 skeet 4 barrels set

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I have an opportunity to pick up a Win 101 Diamond Grade in the case with 4 barrels. So I have a few questions. What are you thoughts on pricing and what would you pay? What can be said about a model with serial 539XXX. Pre -63?

Here are details:
Winchester Diamond Grade 4-barrel Skeet set with original Diamond Grade hard case. Model 101 with 4 28” barrels: 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge, & 410 Bore factory fixed Skeet chokes. Slight handling marks, a few light dings and scratches. Pad added to stock. Includes original hard case. No papers. SN 539XXX

I think I know the average price these carry but would love to hear from others and what they think.

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Hello rhycher,

I don't speak skeet. Welcome to the herd. The forum has dried up over the past few months. Maybe a 101 geek will come by and enlighten us.
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