New (Belgium made) 101 Pigeon grade trap

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I just purchased this gun and it fits very well and shoots great. I know new guns are very tight when first used, however the action release lever all most breaks my thumb trying to open the action. I thoroughly cleaned the gun before I used it and lightly oiled the areas noted in the owners manual. The first time I shot it, I shot shoot a 3 bird event (300 targets). The more I shot the harder it was to get the action open.

After the shoot, the gun was cleaned and I added additional oil in the pivot point of the action lever and worked it gently opened and closed approximately 100 times. It seemed to get smoother, but still has a feel of a slight hitch just before it gets to the point of releasing (opening) the action. (I have had 2 (purchased used) older 101 pigeon grades and they opened very smoothly).

Is this hard to open lever typical with the new 101 pigeons?

Is there a way to grease the pivot point to alleviate this problem?

Does it just take time by shooting it in until it smooths out?

Do I need to send it back to Winchester for repair?

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Donhass I wish I could be more help but can't except to say in my opinion there is no reason it should be that hard to get her to break down.

With that said we just had a forum member go around 3 month's and numerous emails and letters to the "new" Winchester brand under Browning FN. He had a Customer service nightmare.
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I would just oil and/or grease it again and work the lube in another 100 times...or what ever it takes to smooth it out.

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