SX3 trap shooting, love this gun

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Picked up a SX3 Black Shadow (28", 3.5") last month. Went trap shooting with it for the first time, only my second time ever shooting trap. ... mid=511123

What an easy gun to shoot, I shot three rounds, a 21, 25, and a 23. On the misses, I noticed I didn't keep the gun moving through the target. So far, 150 rounds total through the gun without hiccup. Walmart Winchester 100 box sets of 8 shot 1 1/8 oz loads. The manual does say it may not function well with 1 oz or 7/8 oz loads but since the Walmart stuff is 1 1/8, I'm good. At some point, I will pick up some 1 oz shells and give them a try just to see how it runs with that load.

I'm using the stock LOP, and added a #2L spacer to move the stock to the left a bit. Lines up with my natural point of aim better this way and great cheek weld. The adapters that come with it allow left, right, up, and down movement of the stock as well as length of pull spacers if desired.

Three chokes with the gun, IC, M, and F.

I was considering a Benelli or an O/U when I bought this gun, since I never shot trap before, I didn't want to spend the $1500+ on either of those choices. I'm happy with my $850 gun (Buds Gun Shop), I did better than most of the experienced guys with O/U guns, fancy vest, hats, etc… I had 511 tactical pants holding my shells, totally under geared but it was a good time.

SX3 and a few other guns...

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