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Nordic Components Winchester SX2 / SX3 +1 Magazine Extensions


Nordic Components - +1 extended magazine tubes for Winchester SX2 and SX3 shotguns

These are the finest machined shotshell tube extensions currently available. Each tube has a unique swirl style barrel nut (image on left) adding a distinctive touch while also providing a quick and sure grip.

Currently available in +1 configuration for the Winchester SX2 and SX3 shotguns. Shell capacity is defined by Nordic as the shell increase above the standard capacity provided by the fixed magazine tube (tube inside the forearm). If your shotgun currently has a short tube extension that extends past the fixed magazine tube, the round capacity of that extension would be lost as it is removed and replaced. Magazine tube length is the length of the tube and nut.

An extended spring is included with the magazine extension tube.

The overall length is this extension is 3.09 inches.

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