the history of the winchester model 1886

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A Brief History of Winchester Rifles and the Model 1886

Winchester Rifles and Shotguns was established by Oliver F. Winchester on February 20, 1866. The first model produced under his name was the Model 1866 lever-action rifle .44 caliber rimfire. There had been earlier rifles using lever action including the Rocket Ball and Volition Repeater in 1848, Jennings Rifle (patent 1851), Smith and Wesson pistol, and Volcanic Repeating Arms (New Haven Arms Company and Henry Rifles). When the design was improved by B. Henry Tyler (shop foreman at the New Haven Arms Company), the .44 caliber metalic rimfire cartridge became powerful enough to compete with the single shot rifles of the day. Winchester Repeating Arms Company established itself as one of the leading firearms manufacturers of the world, and subsequent rifles produced by Winchester are highly prized by collectors today.

About 1886 Winchester Rifles
The 1886 Winchester rifle was a successor to the 1873 Winchester, designed on a John Browning patent. The 1886 Winchester was one of the finest and strongest lever-action rifles that Winchester ever produced. The most popular caliber was .45-70 Government, but the 1886 was also chambered for the numerous smaller caliber cartridges of the day and the price is greatly influenced by caliber, with the larger calibers worth considerably more. The gun was available in three different 'Models (Sporting Rifle, Carbine, Musket), and the first two models had variations. The 1886 Winchester was produced from 1886 through 1935. During that 49-year period, there were over 160,000 guns sold. THIS APPRAISAL COURSE WILL PROVIDE VALUES FOR ALL '1886' WINCHESTER GUNS.

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enjoyed this article on the winchester 1886 rifle
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Good article...what's the source stags ?!

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