22 rimfire rifles

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How many different models of 22 rimfire rifles did Winchester catalog over the years?
What are the model #'s?
I know we can't use S/N ranges because many were not serialized until the law required it in 1968.

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I have a model 190 thats one I know of my 1st firearm and still going stong after 37 years i have had since i was 15 :mrgreen:
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I have a Model 67 (so says the barrel marking) I got from my dad a number of years ago. I have a question about it. That is, what the heck are the lugs under the barrel used for? I have a reproduction of Catalog 89 which has a pic of the 67, but there is no sign of lugs under the barrel. The lugs are drilled and tapped for what looks like 10-32. Since the gun is a single shot bolt action, I would rule out a magazine, but...

Any ideas?


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I have a model 290 deluxe my dad bought in 1964 or '65.

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I have a model 52B, a 1885 low wall, and a 190. I would be interested as well to know how many models over the years.
A 9422 is on my short list
The single shot with thumb trigger is interesting
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Many models. Don't forget the 1890, 1903, 1906, 61, 62, 62A and 63.

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I have a Winchester Model 77 .22 Rifle (Tubular). I cannot locate a serial number. Is it possible that it was made before serialization was required?

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Should have a number.

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Model 75 Target and Sporter. I have the target model made in 1946. A fine shooter!
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I have three 9422s, 2 in 22 mag. One 22 mag has a serial number 55WM and from what I can find it was presentation gun. The one I have looks new and never fired. I am trying to find out more about it and maybe documentation from Winchester. I was told by an individual at Rimfire central it was in a case, I do not have the case. Thanks
PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:52 pm
Try giving Winchester customer Service a call hooverjc...


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The model 70 pre 64 22rf wasnt In the catalog but a few were made 1873 was a good one

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Dont forget M1900, thumbtrigger, m55 (fired from open bolt)...so many variations so little money

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