CLOSED: Winchester '94 Lever Action 25-35 USA

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We have a Winchester '94 Lever Action 25-35 in good condition. You could hunt with this rifle or have it in your collection. It is in NY and can be shipped by our FFL dealer to your FFL dealer. Payment terms include VISA, MASTER CHARGE, PAY PAL. and will ship within the USA for a $25 fee. This rifle is a 26" barrel, full length magazine, front end cap which we prefer, was built in New Haven in 1923. Barrel and action is clean and bright. See attached photos (2). Respond if your are interested in this post and we will arrange to get you more photos and details. This 1923 '94 rifle is currently priced at $2,400 and seems to be in better shape than those we have seen listed at this price elsewhere on the internet.
The 1923 Winchester 25-35 shown being held by the dealer from BlueLine Sports Shop (FFL DEALER) and a new Winchester 2015 Sporter. The rifles are remarkably alike despite the years between them. The 1923 '94 is in very good shape
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This is the 1923 Winchester '94 25-35. It is shown with the new '94 Winchester Sporter
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:45 am
By you mean Blue Line Sports Shop... !?

Are you the owner of this shop or work for them Davey...!?

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