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Hi Folks I think i posted my hello on the wrong page, but Im Edgeman from NC and have a small Winchester 94 collection, have an "Antique" from 1967, a Golden Spike from 1966, A Winchester "94 Classic" 26" barrel, not sure of production date, also have a 1894 Takedown from 1906 with Octagon barrel
Also have 3 model 70's in .30-06,.270,and 7mm Rem Mag. I love and admire Winchesters,have my eye on a model 88 in .308.... hope it doesn't get away. Ya'll have a great day and Shoot straight and Fast!
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Welcome edgeman. Time for a larger safe?

Be careful allowing one to get away. Buyer remorse is just as irritating as seller remorse.
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Copper BB
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thanks for the words of wisdom Red Ryder!

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