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I have a 30-30 Winchester Mod. 64 that was my grandfathers gun. I would like to know the year it was made. Ser# 1111xxx. The gun is in great shape and I still hunt a couple times of year with it. Gandfather bought the gun new from a hardware store in Herkimer Co NY.
Any info would be appreciated.

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Call Winchester 1-800-945-5237 your not giving me all the numbers to make a accurate date of manufacture!
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Your '64 was built in 1936 or 37. The model 64 was serial numbered in the number range for Model 94 guns until 1957. There were a total of 66,783 model 64's built from 1933 to 1957 when production of first models terminated.
Information sourced from New Haven files and the museum in Cody Wy.
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Here's my '64 in .30-30 cal mfg. 1956
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